Building a world.

When I started building environments I wanted everything to look as natural as possible. With nothing that felt unnatural and everything to feel like it belonged in the environment it was placed in. It’s been somewhat of a challenge to say the least. My maps started out small and flat. Which I can now recognize, I certainly couldn’t say this when I had first began. Afterwards I began to work on a larger scale, and then I incorporated a variation in height and layers for the player to traverse.


Trying to stay unpredictable and yet appear natural at the same time has been the most challenging aspect of this project. I’ve noticed that like any work of art it would be possible to tinker endlessly on any game map striving for perfection that may never be achieved. So I’ve decided to strive for a level of consistency by sometimes stepping back and revisiting completed maps just to keep them all looking and feeling like they belong to the same game world. It’s challenging and sometimes daunting, but it has certainly helped to have a second set of eyes to move me in the right direction.

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