For the Treasure is featuring two main characters instead of the usual four or more player party. They will usually be outnumbered in battle so strategy is going to matter much more than usual. Players will have more than two sides to every action. Most skills will have a direct effect and usually a side effect. All elemental magic has a chance of inflicting a status effect. Such as casting a fire spell can cause a burn effect which is a small damage over time. In this clip we can see Lowfox using a steal skill which causes confusion on the enemy. There’s no damage involved, but applying confuse on an enemy will put that threat out of commission for a few turns. This can buy the players much needed time, or simply allow them to focus on bigger or smaller threats first. The same goes with Auggie’s elemental skills. Each element in the game will apply some sort of status effect the players can choose to utilize along side of elemental weaknesses.