The last cadet of the recently disbanded “Red-Knight” Order. Auggie is kind and noble. He is a very skilled and smart fighter who is adept in magic. This combination is the staple of a Red-Knight. Now that his order is no more, he travels the land with Low helping those in need while honing his abilities.


Treasure hunter extraordinaire. Former member of the thieves guild. Being crafty, cunning and sometimes a bit reckless make him a very unpredictable element in most situations. His sharp wits and clever nature have proven to be invaluable in their journey. At first he can come off as a selfish thief, but there seems to be more to this character than meets the eye.


The newest member of the “Hidden Hands” Thieves guild. Not too much is known about her, but she is determined to fulfill her orders and climb the ranks of the guild. While manipulative and cunning, she does display some hints of mercy and compassion towards Aug and Low.

Grand Shadow

Leader of the “Hidden Hands” thieves guild. He has a history with Low and a level of respect for him. His intentions are still unclear.