Creating Auggie and Lowfox.

Designing the characters for For the Treasure started of as simple idle sketching. Taking influences from many different fantasy sources. Books, movies, games, comics as well as our own imaginations. Initially the idea was to add as much detail as possible. However, we soon realized that the effort required to continually work at such a level wouldn’t be sustainable. We intended to maintain our deadlines and we felt we should make it easier to do so.


Auggie’s design inspiration came from a combination of ideas. We took elements of fantasy mages, fencers and swordsmen as well as the Final Fantasy Red Mage design to create Auggie’s look. The idea was to make him look magical without loosing the image of a fighter. Hopefully we achieved the desired goal to everyone’s satisfaction.


Lowfox’s design was a whole different challenge. We wanted to make him look like a thief for sure. But there was more to it than just that. Lowfox had to have the look to fill the Thief role but also appear approachable. We didn’t want him to look like some criminal bandit. We wanted a mysterious look but not one that alienated him. Just enough to show like he had secrets. It was a real challenge and it took a long time to get to the desired place. Designing Lowfox may have been the biggest hurdle in creating For the Treasure.


Overall a lot of inspiration came from fantasy MMORPG avatars. We researched Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV World of Warcraft even Everquest. Games like The Elder Scrolls, Diablo and the Dragon Age series certainly helped too. Artistic design inspiration may have come from lots of sources. The works of Ken Akamatsu, the Naruto series, Fairy Tale, Dragonball and even Sailor Moon. Needless to say, we are huge anime and manga fans.

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